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Overdrafts: ($100 maximum per day.)
The overdraft fee above applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Dormant Account: No activity for 1 year. This monthly fee will be imposed 30 days after your first dormancy notice. $10.00
Daily Overdraft Fee If your account is overdrawn 7 business days, beginning the 8th day we will charge a $5.00 fee for each business day your account remains overdrawn.
Return Check: ($100.00 maximum per day.) $25.00
Deposited Check Returned $6.00
Automatic Transfer Fee (daily per transfer) $2.00
Money Orders $2.00
Cashiers Check $5.00
Stop Payment Fee $30.00
Collection Items (Incoming & Outgoing) $10.00
Account Reconciliation or Research (per hour) $20.00
Special Statements (per copy) $2.00
Photocopies $0.25
ATM/Debit Cards 
Foreign (Non- Regional Missouri Bank) Terminal Use $1.00
Replacement Card $5.00
Fax Services 
Outgoing - first page $2.50
Outgoing - additional page $1.00
Incoming - per page $1.00
Wire Transfer Fee 
Incoming $15.00
Outgoing $20.00
International Wire Transfer $45.00
Repetitive Wire $5.00
Money Market - per check (over six checks in statement cycle) $1.00
Garnishment $20.00
HSA Checks (to be determined) varies