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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bank

Looking for a new bank or simply curious if your current bank offers these features and benefits? Well, your search ends here!

When it comes to choosing a bank, there's a lot to consider as well as plenty of options for banks. This can make the process confusing and even overwhelming. Regional Missouri Bank is here to help you find the bank and services that are right for you. Keep reading to uncover our top five factors to consider when choosing a bank.


  1. Financial Needs
    • Before choosing a bank, it's essential to consider what your financial needs and goals are. Are you looking for a checking account, savings account, or both? Do you need a home loan, personal loan, agriculture loan, or business loan? Regional Missouri Bank offers a range of banking options that can meet the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes. 
  2. Products and Services
    • Bank accounts are only the starting point for evaluating a potential bank. It is important to consider the range of banking products and services that also come with a bank account. Certain features are crucial if you want convenient access to your money as well as the ability to pay bills, transfer money quickly, and manage your balances. Some important products and services to assist you would be a debit card, credit card, online and mobile banking, mobile check deposit, bill pay, text alerts, overdraft protection, and many more. Regional Missouri Bank is your local community bank that offers the products and services you want and need. We provide 24/7 services people want today while also offering the ability to speak to a customer service representative in person when you need to or want to. 
  3. Great Customer Service
    • Solid customer service is something you should expect from any business, but especially your bank. Aim for a bank whose customer service team is easily accessible as well as knowledgeable and skilled at handling any issue that arises. At Regional Missouri Bank, you'll find a caring team of local citizens, rooted in our communities, and committed to a unique tradition of service. From the desk of our CEO to the teller window, our employees have a passion and commitment to provide expectational service to all our customers. 
  4. Community Involvement
    • Community involvement is a wonderful way to give back and show your customers and those in your area that you care about them and the communities you serve. As a local community bank, Regional Missouri Bank has a long history of making an impact in the communities we serve from donating to local schools through our "My School" debit card program, promoting local activities and events, volunteering at extracurricular events, teaching local children the importance of money, and many more. Regional Missouri Bank will continue to strive to support our local communities. 
  5. Fees
    • Before opening an account at a bank, you should ask to see a complete fee schedule. The types of fees you may expect to see are account opening fees, minimum balance fees, monthly maintenance fees, bill payment fees, transfer fees, overdraft fees, and many more. Regional Missouri Bank provides a copy of our fee schedule on our website and at account opening to ensure our customer's banking experience is straight-forward. 


Why we're the perfect fit:

Rooted in North Central Missouri, Regional Missouri Bank is a locally owned financial institution offering prompt, quality service to the communities we serve. Banking with us means you're helping your local community thrive!

You can bank how you want, when you want, and we'll be there every step of the way, just like we've been doing since 1908. We would love to meet you and be your banking partner.